Shark Bites

diver7Shark Bites is a group of people who all share a common enjoyment of scuba diving and who like  getting together with good friends and making new friends.  Our group is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences so when we get together you may also hear about what’s new in real-estate, the latest in web site design, floral arrangements, photography, etc., but mostly about scuba diving.

The experience in our group ranges from new divers, to divers with many years experience to scuba instructors.  With that breadth of experience you’re sure to pick up on some important dive tips at our get together’s.

We enjoy sharing our scuba experiences with each other and developing good friendships in the process.

We extend an invitation to others to come and enjoy a relaxing an enjoyable night out at our monthly get togethers, and then join us for dive trips and other planned get together’s. 

Please check out our Meetings & News page for our latest updated Events Calendar.

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What about membership?  Shark Bites membership is dues free. 

Who May Join?
All divers and non-divers who are interested in scuba diving and enjoy talking about scuba diving are welcome. 

Perhaps the biggest benefit is meeting and making friends with other divers.  Diving is a social sport and if you're a Shark Bites Diver you will always find somebody who'll go diving with you regardless of your level of experience.

How Do I Join?

Simply click here to Contact Us and let us know you would like to attend our next meeting.  Guests are always welcome, we just need to know your coming to make sure and save you a seat!  Check out our Meeting & News section for information on our next club meeting.