Welcome to the Shark Bites Scuba Club


Shark Bites is your place to come for information on scuba diving, dive sites, trips, and equipment. 

Our club is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, but all with a common interest in scuba diving.

We enjoy sharing our scuba experiences with each other, arranging dive trips together and generally just having fun.

Club News

newspaper_transWe extend an invitation to others to come and enjoy a relaxing night out at our monthly get togethers. 

sealife_dc250_t80Please check out our
 Meetings & News page for our latest information and information on upcoming meetings.  Click here to view our
club photographs page.

Web Cam Links

Have a web cam you would like to share.  Contact us with the URL and we’ll add it to our list.
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Scuba Videos

ani_movie_reelClick here to enjoy the National Geographic underwater video
 “Jewels of the Caribbean


We would also suggest visiting the
Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras North, Carolina, and learn more about infamous wrecks such as the Ghostship of Diamond Shoals.  Perhaps you will be able solve one of history's greatest maritime mysteries

dolphin_laughingClick here to enjoy a fantastic video on Bottlenose Dolphins  using a remarkable hunting strategy in order to catch fish.
Mud-Ring Fishing

Dive Sites & Trips!10

Our Dive Sites section is a collection of contributions and suggestions from others in our group and we invite you to check them out and definitely let us know if you have suggestions that you would like us to include for everyone’s enjoyment.

 New Dive Trip planned for this year 
click here to see our trip listing and join us.

Click here to enjoy a wonderful video on diving the U-352 Submarine in Morehead City North Carolina